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   Often, global events and happenings will wrack the world, leaving people confused and afraid. Conventional media sources, such as television and newspapers, are happy to give their version of the story, but rarely answer the vital question "WHY?" That's what this website is here for. 

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12 Apr. 2003 (4/12/2003)

Thanks to the magnificent technology of the server-side tools here, the War News section never really got a post. Yes, that is a new low. But now that the war is over (according to the Pentagon, anyways, the paramilitaries probably have other ideas), what's the point in having a "War News" section? Thus, I've changed the name to "Post-War News" and stopped using the oh-so helpful services I'm offered, so now news will actually go up there about the hard part of this campaign: the US has proven that the world's last superpower CAN smash a two-bit dictatorship. Now comes the real question: will it have what it takes to put this country back on its feet? Will it even try? Will it be Washington's puppet or a real democracy? Tune in to Post-War News to find out.

3 Apr. 2003 (4/3/2003)

Just added a War News section to the site to post some info about the war that people might not know. See it on the sidebar to the left, or if the effort of dragging the mouse is too much, then here's a link.

15 Feb. 2003 (2/15/2003)

In honor of the worldwide protests today against possible war in Iraq, I've, um, actually done something (the world's been full of surprises lately). Actually, for once it's not my fault, this sack of circuits called a computer's been whining for the past few months (ah, Windows, what would we do without your fatal exceptions and registry errors? Um, something productive, I guess...). Well, today I've put together something addressing the issues of the war with Iraq that the Bush Administration wants. Find it here.

20 Dec. 2002 (12/20/2002)

An orgy!!! No, this site isn't hasn't added a political porn section, there are other ways to use the sentence. I mean an orgy of CARTOONING. Why so long in updating? Ummmm...I joined an order of monks that required a 4 month vow of silence? Alright, if you've read the past posts, you know exactly why. Sorry about that, I'll try to make sure this doesn't happen too often from now on. Anyways, enough of my excuses, on to what I've actually gotten done. Turn your head (or if you're as lazy as me, just your eyes) to the left and check out the nav bar. First, I've added a link directly to the cartoons page. Seeing as how this site has more cartoons than everything else combined, it seemed kinda stupid to bury it in multimedia. Second, I've put in a Recent Cartoons quick link area under Recent Articles, where I've conveniently listed the three cartoons I was talking about. Finally, I've added a forum. It isn't the best one ever made, but oh well, at least it turns the site into something more interactive than a glorified bill board.

16 Aug. 2002 (8/16/2002)

I've created a Flash chart/outline about why Palestinian militant attacks are happenning. I think that instead of writing essays, which are annoying to write and read, I'll be doing the Deep Roots series in Flash as well, in a timeline or something. Meanwhile, check out what I just put up, The Equation of Death, which talks about the Occupation by the IDF and how militant leaders create hatred and violence.

23 Jun. 2002 (6/23/2002)

No, I'm not dead, I've just been busy. Yes, it's been almost 2 months since my last update, but I've finally got something for ya. A new cartoon called "Shrewed Over", which you can see here. I'll finish and post Part II of Deep Roots...some day.

30 Apr. 2002 (4/30/2002)

Sorry for the huge delay, but I FINALLY have finished my next essay. Considering the issue happenning in Israel/Palestine, you can guess the general idea of the subject. It's the first of a three part mini-series (sounds like some kind of cartoon) on the history of the problem in Palestine. It had to be in three pieces because the whole thing is just too big for one. Read this one, Deep Roots: Israel and Palestine - Part 1, and twiddle your thumbs as I work on the next one.

8 Apr. 2002 (4/8/2002)

Added new cartoon, this one about Bush's disregards for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and his new nuclear defense plan, etc.

29 Mar. 2002 (3/29/2002)

Sorry about the long delay in updating, I've been too busy (read: lazy). But don't worry, I've got a new cartoon here about the proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain (if you want to read more about this, check out Matt Bivens's The Yucca Lemon in his online project with The Nation.

10 Mar. 2002 (3/10/2002)

Added new cartoon

22 Feb. 2002 (2/22/2002)

New cartoon about the new defense budget; check out how Washington's wasting our tax dollars this time in the cartoon section

27 Jan. 2002 (1/27/2002)

Finished an essay on why the Afghan people hate the Northern Alliance. Check it out here. Also added a "Recent Articles" section to the navbar.

12 Jan. 2002 (1/12/2002)

Added another cartoon to the (you guessed it) cartoon section. Here's a link to the cartoon section, in case you're too lazy to find it yourself.

15 Dec. 2001 (12/15/2001)

First FlashTM movie, "The Other Terrorist", finished! Click Here to see it.

8 Dec. 2001 (12/08/2001)

News section added (really, no kidding? Where??)